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Miracle of Durga – 2


There was poor Brahmin who was very religious and was a devotee of Durga Ma. He prayed to Durga Ma everyday and once during Navratri he decided to visit the temple. He searched for something valuable to offer Durga but could find only his scythe and sieve with which he worked on the small piece of land. He bundled these and started his journey to the temple along with the other pilgrims. At the temple others were offering cash and jewellery but the Brahmin offered his scythe and sieve and placed it at the altar of Durga Ma. After the puja, everyone had gone but the Brahmin sat there and Durga Ma asked why he was still staying back.

The Brahmin told Durga Ma that he did not have anything to earn a living because he has given the scythe and sieve to her. Durga Ma was touched by the words of the Brahmin and gave her a basket and told that whenever he asked for food the basket will give it. The Brahmin was very happy to get the gift from Durg Ma and went back. The Brahmin asked for food and he wanted to share it with others including the king. He started inviting people for afternoon meals the next day and everyone was stunned to know how he could afford food for all including the king.   The next day the whole village and the king came and the Brahmin served the most delicious food. They all wanted to know the secret behind this and he revealed it. The king’s men immediately took the basket away saying that it belonged to king. The Brahmin went back narrated the whole story to Durga Ma.

Hearing the story, Durga Ma was very angry with the cruel king and she gave another basket and told the Brahmin to invite the whole village and the king again for a meal. The entire village and the king came back for the meal. The king could not produce food from the old basket like the Brahmin did and only bitter seeds came out. The Brahmin asked for food when everyone had gathered and the basket started hitting the whole gathering and the king. The basket went on hitting everyone and asked the king to give back the basket. Everyone understood their mistake and agreed to give the basket back. The entire village including the king learned a lesson not to become greedy and snatch other’s belongings. Durga Ma takes care of everyone who worships her and faithful to her.