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Miracle of Durga – 3


Once there was king who was powerful and he had a noble and beautiful wife. The people in the kingdom were happy with the king and queen and the royal couple took care of the needs of the people. But the king and the queen had one sorrow-they did not have children, so the palace was always quiet and silent. The queen suggested to the king to marry her sister so that he can have child out of her sister. The king had to agree to the advice of his wife and other ministers and the marriage took place in a grand manner.

After marriage there was no news of a baby’s arrival and the king started worrying. The queens planned something and the younger queen pretended to be pregnant. They told the king that the astrologers have asked the king not to go near the queen till the delivery happens. The king was very happy and agreed to listen to the astrologers. For the next nine months the king did not go near the queen and the delivery time arrived. The queens started panicking and decided to pray to Durga Ma. They told the king that they would like to visit the temple which was far away and the king also decided to accompany the queens. When they reached near the temple the queens told the king that they have forgotten the silver canopy required for the puja and the king went back to fetch it.

The queens went to the temple in a hurry and straight away went to the altar and lay prostrate in front of Durga Ma. Durga Ma asked about their sadness and worries and they made their admission to her. Hearing this Durga Ma placed a coconut in the lap of the younger queen and to their surprise a little baby started crying on her lap. The people danced in joy singing in the praise of the goddess. The King in the meantime reached the temple and was surprised to see the happiness and commotion. Hearing the news the king was very happy and rushed to the altar and prostrated in front of Durga Ma.