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Shri Swami Samarth-Changes Quality of People


Shri Swami Samarth always made sure that He changes the quality of people who visited them and also made sure that they have the capacity to encounter the problems. He showered material benefits and also spiritual benefits to the needy. Once, a European engineer from Solapur visited Swamiji with the hope of having a son. He did not even ask Swamiji, before that Swamiji said that the engineer will have a son within a year. And in one year the engineer had a son. Such was the power of the great sage and he also had the heart to help people.

The Jewish Doctor

There was once a Jewish doctor who worked in J.J.Hospital, Bombay. He was an eye specialist and the doctor was quite proud of his professional capability. Swamiji, when he met the doctor, asked him how many of his patients have lost the eyesight forever. The doctor was totally stunned and the question had a tremendous impact on him. It was then he realised that there were many of his patients who had actually lost the eyesight even after his treatment. The ego inside the doctor vanished immediately and he became a devotee of Swamiji. The doctor after retirement settled down in Akkalkot and served Swamiji till his last.

Swamiji used to give a lot of guidance spiritually to those who wanted. He had the capacity to give spiritual life to any person in a fraction of a second by touch, look word or even through a thought. Swamiji was capable of converting ordinary metal into even gold. Ramanand Bidkar who had lived a dissolute and immoral life for a long period was converted to a saint and was called Bidkar Maharaj.   Swamiji evolved him spiritually through Drishti Diksha. There are many other great spiritual leaders who under the spiritual guidance of Swamiji contributed a lot to the world. Sri Balappa Maharaj, Sri Gangadhar Maharaj, Sri Gajanan Maharaj and others are some of them.

Help Even Today

Even after the Mahasamadhi, devotees continued to experience the divine leela of Swamiji. Many of the devotees even today receive the help of Swamiji, sometime visible and at times invisible. Many people have given authentic stories about the physical appearance of Swamiji eve after his Mahasamadhi. Most of the people who approved these stories are educated and well known figures in the society. A doctor in Pune was undergoing treatment at a hospital and his friends were planning to visit him. Swamiji appeared in the dreams of the friends and informed that the doctor was under his protection and they need not come to the hospital. The message reached all the friends at the same time.