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Shri Swami Samarth- The Great Spiritual Mind


Shri Swami Samarth was a great spiritual mind who had lived in the 19th century. He was soul who spoke very little and never gave any discourses nor wrote anything. But his darshan was enough for the devotees and a glance from him was more than enough to be beneficial shower to impart all kinds of spiritual teachings. His silence was a lecture by itself and it cleared all doubts from the minds of the devotees. Swamiji used to visit temples, mutts, mandirs, pirs and dargahs and he was much beyond temples, churches and mosques.

Understanding Final Truth of Life

Swamiji was a God-man and devotees considered him as God himself. Even people who followed Christianity and Islam used to visit him and Muslims used to admire him as a great avalia. World, according to Swamiji, is much beyond the sense organs. Swamiji made it a point that his disciples understand the final truth of the lives. Following this great teacher helps the devotee to know about his subtle power and divine presence. Swamji was charismatic leader and his followers who knew him understand it.

Even though many of his devotees tried to find out about the background of Swamiji nobody received a satisfactory reply from him. His background and life still remains a mystery and nobody has a clear picture on his background, native place, from where he came or whereabouts of his parents. For whomever who tried to find out about his details he had answers which were mysterious and he used to laugh loudly after reply to them. He used to jokingly tell the people who asked about his details that they will get shoe beating from him.

Swamiji is always there

Swamiji was always present for his devotees who prayed sincerely to him even after his samadhi. Swamiji was there always to accept the loving services daily. He wanted his devotees to rise above their attachment to Swamiji’s physical form and understand his true nature Swaswarupa- Absolute Consciousness. Sri Swami Samarth’s immortal and eternal nature always filled the devotees with extra courage and confidence. Swamiji has showered love to his staunch devotees and devotees who never wavered from their faith. Thursdays were a special day for the great sage and he was given special bath that day with his body smeared with perfumes and scented oil. He was shown the aarti that day and saffron and musk marks were applied on his forehead.   He wore the rudraksha mala and sphatika mala around his neck and after bath he used to sit on the throne and chant name of God all the time.