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Shri Swami Samarth- The Mind Reader


Once a Brahmin, who was arrogant in his behaviour came to Shri Swami Samarth when he was in Haridwar and started questioning him. He want to know who Swamiji was and from where he came from. He wanted to know Swamiji’s name and from which ashram he belonged to. Swamiji knew that this person was evil minded and told him that in his past life he was a hunter and slaughtered many animals and ate them. The Brahmin had also consumed liquor and had outrage on ladies. Swamiji also told him that he had killed the princess of Hastinapur and the soldiers had cut his nose and broke his head.

Apology Accepted

The Brahmin’s body was later eaten by wild animals. Since he had some merit from the past life he got the life of a Brahmin in this life. Swamiji also mentioned that he being wicked had killed a cow the previous night. The Brahmin was nervous and was shivering of fright because Swamiji exposed his sinful acts. The Brahmin prayed for forgiveness to Swamiji and Swamiji went to the Brahmin’s house where the cow was lying dead. The Brahmin was sad and prostrated at the feet of Swamiji and started crying.

Swamij told him that if he was really apologetic for these sinful acts he should sprinkle the holy water which Swamiji gave and awaken the cow. As per Swamiji guidance he sprinkled the water and the cow awakened. The Brahmin changed completely and became a strong devotee of Swamiji.   Swamiji used to travel a lot and meet people of different places.

The Serpent

Once a Brahmin took Swamiji to his house and offered him food. Swamiji asked the Brahmin where his parents were and for this he replied that they have left for the other world. Swamiji suddenly told him that his father is swinging the cradle to put his baby to sleep. Everyone looked in the direction where Swamiji pointed and to everybody’s surprise they saw a serpent swinging the cradle. The Brahmin went to kill the serpent but Swamiji stopped him from doing this. Swamiji went near the serpent and lifted it in his hands and asked whether his passion was still not satisfied. The serpent suddenly started talking and asked Swamiji for his blessings. Swamiji asked the serpent to go and stay in the lake and also blessed the serpent saying that it will take birth in the family of an ascetic.