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Sri Swami Samarth- Dedicated Devotee


One of the most dedicated devotees of Sri Swami Maharaj was Shri Swami Sut also known as Hari Bhau. Swamiji had blesses him and made him his sut (son).  Swamiji once asked him to go to Mumbapuri (now Mumbai) and build a Mutt there. Swamiji gave him the silver padukas for worship and told him to establish it in the Mutt. This was also an indication that Swamiji was going to take Mahasamadhi. Swamiji was ready to take the Mahasamadhi and before that he wanted to meet Sut for the last time. Thearrangements were made to bring Swami Sut back to Akkalkot from Mumbai.




Hearing the news of the Mahasamadhi, Swami Sut was very worried and shocked and Swami Sut wanted to end his life before Swamiji’s Mahasamadhi. Swami Sut finally succeeded to take his life before the Mahasamadhi of Swamiji. Swami Sut took Samadhi before Swamiji’s Mahasamadhi and on 30th April, 1878, Swamiji took Mahasamadhi in front of his beloved devotees. The whole Akkalkot was immersed in grief and sorrow and by the time Swamiji Mahasamadhi news reached the outside there was a stream of people in Akkalkot. The whole world was weeping and grieving the Mahasamadhi of Swamiji.
Swamiji’s presence is still felt around the banyan tree were Swamiji used to sit. The banyan tree is still standing tall on the outskirts of Akkalkot. The devotees still believe the words of Swamiji who always said, “Do not fear, I am always there with you.” One should have firm faith in the lotus feet of the Sadgru and one must surrender completely to the great soul. A devotee should understand that Swamiji knows the best and his powers cannot be measured. Swamiji is the God himself and divine inner spirit of one and all. Swamiji is the Parabrahma of the Vedas and Allah of Quran.

The Interview

One of the devotees of Swamiji had to attend a religious function of Swamiji just before a big interview in a dream company. One of the gurus of the devotee told him to attend the religious function and he attended the function but found very little time to get ready for the interview the next day. He attended the interview for the sake of attending and was sure that he will not get the job. He did not and started thinking that if he had not attended the religious function he could have prepared well for the interview. He was losing faith in God but was one day he was listening to the tarak mantra of Swamiji. He did not understand the meaning and asked on Youtube whether anybody can provide it. He immediately got the meaning and was in tears when he understood the meaning. His trust in Swamiji was doubled and realised that he does not have to worry when Swamiji is there.