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Sri Swami Samarth- The Bodybuilder’s Experience


There is a person near Shirdi who was fond of bodybuilding and he was fond of it right from his childhood. He always knew that to overcome challenges in life one has to have a religious foundation. He was a devotee of Sri Swami Samarth. This person met with an accident and the shock of the accident was cruel that his leg was damaged to great extent and there were many bones which were fractured. This person’s face was completely out of shape and his was in pain and full of sorrows. The doctors did not have any hope of him getting back to shape and then to body building.


Back in Shape

There was no hope for this person and he decided to approach Swamiji. He continued with the regular seva to Swamiji and with his blessings this man got back to shape and recovered fully. It was almost like getting a rebirth and bonus life from Swamji. During the course of time he regained his confidence and continued with the bodybuilding regime.   With the help of Swamiji he grew up in confidence and even won the 4th place in Mr. World competition in Spain. With Swamiji’s assurance and this person’s confidence he came back to life and reached great heights.

This devotee of Swamiji was an ordinary person from a small village from India and it is a miracle that he after meeting with such a deadly accident came back to life. It is just the blessings of Swamiji that he recovered fully and he could even represent India in Europe in one of the competition. It was only because of the seva, devotion and faith to Swamiji he could achieve all this. Being a devotee of Swamiji he was a total vegetarian and the belief that only people who non-vegetarian can do bodybuilding has been proved wrong by this gentleman.


He got the entire ingredients like proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats etc from vegetarian food itself. He has also proved that by eating vegetarian food one can achieve the necessary strength and can participate in bodybuilding world championships. He of course had the blessings of the great Swamiji, Sri Swami Samarth, and he totally believes that Swamiji can convert the impossible into reality. To achieve this small thing like seva, dedication and belief is what is needed. Swamiji strength is much more than all this and he could help anyone who was in trouble, physical or spiritual.