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Sri Swami Samarth-The Ever Awake Swami


One night when all the devotees were seated around his sofa, Swamiji fell asleep and started snoring. One of the devotees called Govindarao had a doubt as to how a real yogi could sleep so deep and sound. Govindarao had read in books that a real yogi will never sleep and that is the reason why he had this doubt. He even went to the extent thinking whether Swamiji was a yogi at all. When this thought flashed the mind of Govindarao, Swamiji opened His eyes and said that his thoughts are baseless. And after saying this Swamiji went back to sleep. Govindarao realised that Swamiji was awake and was awake even to the thoughts of those around him.

Full of Water

It was a hot summer afternoon and Swamiji walked into the house of Babaji Bhat and asked for cool drinking water. The lady in the house was so happy to see the face of Swamiji and was also happy to see Swamiji grace her with the request for water. The well in the backyard was dry because of the summer and the water inside the house was not so cool. She did not wanted to say no to Swamiji so she set out to the neighbour’s house fetching water. Swamiji laughed at the lady and told her that the well in the backyard was full of water.

Swamiji led the lady to the well and like a kid urinated near the well in front of her. The next moment she saw that the water was full in the well and the water level was almost full. This well is still there and all the devotees take a look of the well even now. Once a lady called Srimati Sivabhai brought her son to Swamiji and told that the boy lost his eyesight after the threading ceremony. She begged to Swamiji to grant the boy eyesight again. Swamiji replied that there are five devils coming to test me and as soon as they arrive the sight of the boy will be restored.

The Five Brahmins

Soon after the five Brahmins arrived dressed like great scholars and they had come to test Swamiji. The five men discussed as to what and how to test Swamiji and once they reached a conclusion came in front of Swamiji. Swamiji asked the blind to speak out the questions in the minds of the Brahmins but the boy was confused and told Swamiji that he does not know the questions.   Swamiji put the garland around the boy’s neck and touched the eyes with two flowers picked from the garland. The boy suddenly stood up and spoke out all the questions in the mind of the Brahmins and the visitors were stunned. They stood up to leave the ashram and Swamiji told that these Brahmins were born by the illicit contact of their mother to a Muslim man. The Brahmins realised that how stupid it was to test the great sage and begged their pardon.