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Sri Swami Samarth- The Lesson


During the Ganesha festival in Akkalkot a named Sohani, who was a respectful government officer invited Swamiji to his house. Sohani had kept the rituals at his place and he wanted Swamiji to bless him by visiting the house. Swamiji as per the invitation came to his house and was sitting on the bed. All of sudden Swamiji got up and walked out of the house. It was raining heavily and Swamiji went out and just stood outside the house. Sohani did not the reason for this action from Swamiji and was surprised to see this. He requested Swamiji to come inside the house and He refused listen to Sohani.

Next Mango Season

After begging and pleading Swamiji told Sohani that instead of spending the time in devotion of Lord, he was spending his time sleeping with a prostitute who he had kept inside the house. Sohani had kept this action of his as a complete secret and didn’t know how Swamiji knew about it. Sohani kept quiet for a while and asked Swamiji when he will come back to his house. Swamiji just replied that he will be back when the mango season arrives and walked away from the place. Sohani was not ready to stop his habit of going to a prostitute.

Sohani started to face problems after this episode and was soon losing his respect in the social circles. Swamiji had warned Sohani to stop prostitution otherwise he was sure to lose fame and wealth according to Swamiji. Sohani was so involved in prostitution it had almost become a habit for him and he could not leave prostitution. Once one of his bosses knew about Sohani and tried advising Sohani about his bad habit. The senior officer told Sohani that he has lost everything because of prostitution. He asked Sohani to stop it otherwise he will lose the job also.


Sohani replied that it was his personal life and told his boss not to interfere in it. The senior officer was very angry at the way Sohani replied and reacted and wanted to teach him a lesson. The senior officer filed a false case against Sohani of government money theft and Sohani was soon arrested by the police. Sohani realised his mistake and he prayed from the bottom of his heart to Swamiji and apologised for his mistakes. The next day in the court hearing the court found Sohani innocent and relieved him of all charges. Sohani never went back to the prostitute and started spending time in devotion to Swamiji. He got back his wealth back slowly and also his fame.