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Sri Swami Samarth’s Devotees


Sri Swami Samarth always insisted that dishonest and unscrupulous people are social problem and everybody should get rid of them. Swamiji wanted his devotees to do persistent efforts and also wanted his devotes to stay away from lazy people. Swamiji wants his disciples to toil hard like a bull. If Wamiji sees anyone sitting idle without doing any work and thinking aimlessly, Swamiji used to ask that person whether he doesn’t have a bull in him. Swamiji guided his devotees to work hard and earn their own bread and butter. Swamiji gave teachings of karma yoga (Path of Action) to his disciples.

God is in You

Swamiji always said that God is there in every human being. Swamiji believed and told his disciples that whatever good or bad things happen in one’s life are due to Swamiji’s wish. Whatever happens in the life should be accepted with happiness. He never allowed anyone to hurt animals. For Swamiji, the devotee who set their mind and heart on Him constantly and do the worship to Him was dear to Swamiji as a baby is to their mother.   Swamiji is God for his disciples and it has been proved many times through his miracles and guidance on many deserving devotees.

Swamiji made it a point to nurture his devotees in being good hearted and his disciples never hated each other. A devotee of Swamiji is always happy whether it is in good times or bad times. Swamiji’s devotee treats everybody equally and friendly. A devotee of Swamiji never expects anything from Swamiji in return and if they did not get anything in return they are still happy and never get upset and they continue doing their work. Because of this behaviour of the devotees Swamiji is always happy with his devotees. Swamiji always gives his love and affection to his devotees.

Don’t Sit Idle

Swamiji’s devotees never face failure if he is blessed by Him and follows the advice of Swamiji. Swamiji is the Sadguru and can change the life of a disciple dramatically. Any work started by remembering Swamiji will be a success and one must have faith in him. A devotee cannot pray to Swamiji and sit idle thinking that something good will happen. He or she should work hard to achieve anything good and Swamiji will make sure that it happens. Swamiji knows who is the deserving person and He will make sure that person receive all the help.