May 30, 2024

Lord Ganesha’s love for food is known world over and there is another miracle done by the God himself. Ganesha was invited for a big feast and he had this extra love towards sweets. Ganesha saw a lot of sweets being served and consumed much more than his normal capacity. The lord felt a bit guilty seeing his unusually bloated stomach and in order to hide the embarrassment he got hold of a snake and wrapped it around his stomach to cover the bulging tummy. Ganesha hung around in the premise till night to start the journey back home thinking that nobody else will notice him in odd situation.

When it was night, Ganesha started his journey back but was caught by the moon hwo had just come out in the night. Moon started laughing seeing Ganesha and his laughter was almost uncontrollable. Ganesha was already embarrassed and the non-stop laughter of the Moon made him very angry. Ganesha was so angry that he cursed the Moon that he will be invisible from that day onwards. When Ganesha got angry and cursed the Moon, he realised the mistake he had done and begged to Ganesha to forgive him. Ganesha was not ready to budge and the Moon kept on begging and pleading to Ganesha for forgiveness.

Finally Ganesha felt bad for the Moon and forgave him. But the problem was that since the curse was already been done he could not revoke it to save the Moon. Ganesha then announced that the Moon will grow thinner each day and remain invisible on day of the month. This dark day in each month was later known as amavasya and according to the Hindu culture amavasya is considered as an inauspicious day. Ganesha was always was kind in his actions and was ready to forgive the ones who asked for it. By this story he teaches every one of us to be kind and forgive who ask for it.