June 16, 2024

Ribhus is a male Hindu deity and is also called as Rhibus, the Hindu Craft God. A descendant of Angiras, named Sudhanvan has fathered the Ribhus. Ribhus are three brothers named Ribhus, Vibhavana and Vaja, who are also the craftsman deities. Their creations were so magnificent that they pleased the Devas and attained godhood. They are called Ribhus as Ribhus is their leader. Very similar to Vishwakarma, the Ribhus are artisans of the Devas.

Ribhus is believed to be Brahma’s son in the Vishnu Purana in which he is the leader. As per the Aitareya Brahmana, the Ribhus are believed to live in the solar sphere and described to be as ‘pupils or sun’s neighbors’.

Wonderful tasks have been performed by the Ribhus artists. For example Brihaspati’s miraculous cow that made their parents younger, the carriage of the Ashvins as well as the horses of Indra is formed by Ribhus artists. Sacrifices were also initiated by Ribhus as per Yaksha.

The sun rays are represented by Ribhus according to Sayana and Yaska. It is believed that Vedic deities including Ribhus, Vasus, Maruts and Adityas often appear as constellations, stars or rays or the sun.

The Atharvaveda and the Rigveda, the oldest Hindu scripture has mention of the Ribhus in which 11 hymns are dedicated to the deity. Bal Gangadhar Tilak refers that Ribhus rested for 12 days at the house of Agohya, at the end of the year. Ancestors of India believed that these days are the holiest days of the year and the Gods would leave heaven and come down to visit the homes of people.