May 30, 2024


Sri Swami Samarth- The Magician

A Punjabi gentleman came to Shri Swami Samarth and told him that since Swamiji has performed so many miracles he has come to you. Swamiji was angry and replied that you can see miracles performed by jugglers also. Magic was not a trick he did to fool or impress people. It was one part of his powers and Swamiji had all the spiritual powers. Swamiji’s miracles are not the only thing to discuss because Swamiji was much beyond all this. Swamiji life in this world is far larger than the miracle he had performed and still performing.

A Root Cause

The human eyes cannot understand some things about Swamiji so the magic shown to common people is not magic alone. Each and everything which Swamiji did had a root cause and if anyone did not understand the cause behind it they called it magic. Swamiji was the Master of Masters or the Jagadguru.   He is the ultimate teacher of the world. Swamiji treated all his disciples with the same love and care and Swamiji was not bothered about the caste or social status of a person to bless him or her.   Swamiji always uttered mantras and slokas and made it a point to overcome the social differences made on cast and status.

Swamiji always advise people to lead a spiritual and social life and this he told people of all religions and castes. Swamiji showed the society that whatever form they pray it reached the God. Swamiji never docked the idea of differentiation on caste. Swamiji often told people who asked Him about His caste that He was Chambhar and his father and mother were from the Mahar community. Mahar community are depressed class of people who does low profile jobs and were allowed to stay only on the outskirts of the village. In the olden times these set of people were untouchables and Swamiji by saying this taught his devotes to overcome caste differences.

Listen to Saints

Swamiji always advised his devotees to listen to saints and follow them. For this one has to throw away their pride and ego. One has to worship God and chant his name to be with Him. A person who wants to be with God has to be satisfied with what they have got. According to Swamiji God is there in every human beings and it is not a good idea to hurt any animals. A disciple of Swamiji believed that anything good or bad happens to them is because of the wish of Swamiji.


Rahul Borade