May 30, 2024

The Mahalakshmi temple in Goravanahalli is famous for its miracles and power. This is in the Tumkur district in the state of Karnataka. In the 19th century a poor man named Abbayya prayed to Mahalakshmi. He got a Mahalakshmi idol to which he did regular pooja and he soon became rich. There is another story of the idol having appeared itself. He started to do charity with his money. His home was called Lakhshmi Nivasa. Soon his brother Thotadappa joined in this good work. The work continued after the death of Abbayya. One day in the dreams of Thotadappa, Mahalakshmi appeared and asked him to build a temple for her. Thus the temple came up and poojas were done regularly.

Poojas also continued and it was carried on by Chowdayya. It is recorded that from 1910 the temple was neglected and all forgot the glory of this place. In 1925 Kamalamma came to this place and restored the temple back to its lost glory. When she left the place again nobody bothered about the temple. Kamalamma came back in1952 and started her services there. In a short time the powers of the goddesses began spreading far and wide and the number of people flocking this temple increased every years. Lighting a lakh of lights for Karthika month is a famous ritual here. Tuesdays and Fridays see the maximum number of people in this temple.

This temple complex has a shrine for Marikamba and snake god known as Manchala Nagappa. The place is surrounded with greenery and there is a reservoir. The scenic beauty of the place coupled with the magnetic power of Mahalakshmi in Goravanahalli attracts a lot of devotees. The faith in the goddess of this temple is increasing constantly. Most believe that they will be blessed with riches if they visit this temple.