May 30, 2024

Ganesha birth is often discussed and many stories keep appearing. Brahma Vaivarta Purana describes a different story regarding the birth of Ganesha. When compared to the other stories this is a much less popular story. The story goes like this and describes the miracles of Lord Ganesha and the other Gods. On advice from Shiva, Parvati took a year of punyaka vrata (fasting) to win the confidence of Vishnu so that he would grant a son. Vishnu, after the sacrifice was over was pleased and informed that he will incarnate himself and be her in son in Kalpa (eon).

Ganesha was born to Parvati as a cute little baby and all the Gods were invited to have a look at the baby. The birth of Ganesha was celebrated with great pomp and splendour and all the Gods showered blessings on the Vishnu incarnate, Ganesha. Shani (Saturn) hesitated to look at the baby because he was cursed with the look of destruction. Parvati was quite stubborn and insisted that he look at the baby. Shani gave a look at Ganesha and his head fell off from his neck. Shiva and Parvati were heartbroken and seeing this Vishnu went on his vehicle, Garuda, and from the banks of the Pushpa- Bhadra River, brought back a head of a young elephant.

The head of the elephant was joined with the body of Ganesha which was lying without a head and Ganesha was revived immediately. The baby was later named Ganesha and he was blessed by all the Gods and they wished Him power and prosperity. Another story says that Shiva killed Aditya the son of a sage. Shiva restored the life to the dead boy but the angry sage, Kashyapa cursed Shiva and the curse was that Shiva’s son will lose his head. Kashyapa was one of the saptharishis (Seven great Rishis). When this incident happened to Ganesha, Indra’s elephant’s head was used to replace Ganesha’s head.