July 25, 2024

A Brahmin man from the state of Maharashtra had made a promise to Sriguru that he would perform the thread ceremony of the boy in Ganagapur if a son was born to him. The man got a son by the blessing of Sriguru and to fulfil the promise he started to go to Ganagapur. On the way to Ganagapur he reached to Akkalkot and that was when he realised that he had spent all his money. He did not have a single penny to go ahead. He went to Swamiji and prayed that going to Ganagapur is beyond his reach. He also prayed that he given permission to fulfil his promise in front of Swamiji. Swamiji accepted his request and the thread ceremony was done in Akkalkot in front of Swamiji.

Sripuri Tree

There was a person called Sridhar who was from Karnataka and he had very serious stomach pain. He came to Ganagapur and rendered service to Sriguru. He received a visionary insight and in the message he was asked to take the juice of Sripuri tree (neem tree) mixed with dry ginger and rock salt to get a remedy for the severe stomach ache. He woke up from the sleep and enquired about this wonder tree Sripuri. He asked the people and even the doctors about the whereabouts of Sripuri trees and nobody seems to know about this tree.

Sridhar was worried and he stayed back in Ganagapur and within few days he got another visionary insight which directed him to Akkalkot. He was asked to meet Swamiji to know about Sripuri tree. Sridhar went to Akkalkot and bowed in front Swamiji and told him that neem tree is called Sripuri tree and asked him to prepare the juice and drink it for three days. Sridhar prepared the juice from the leaves of neem and added dry ginger and rock salt and the stomach ache vanished.   He was fully cured and returned home happily.


Sri Vasudevanand Saraswati also known as Tembeswami of the 20th century was a great worshipper of Lord Datta and his devotes considered him as the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey himself. Once a devotee of Swami Samarth, Bavadekar, wanted to carry out a religious sacrifice at Narasinhawadi and he approached Sri Tembe Swami. Sri Tembe Swami asked Bavadekar to go to his guru Swami Samarth because he was the incarnation of Lord Dattatrey himself. Tembe Swami told him to get the orders from Swamiji and then conduct the ceremony. This shows that Sri Tembe Swami considered Swamiji as Lord Dattatery himself.