July 25, 2024

Shri Swami Samarth was known as ‘Chanchal Bharati’ during the time when he was in wandering in the Himalayas. In Mangalvedha, Swamiji was known as ‘Digambar Swami”. Swamiji spent most of his time at Mangalvedha, Solapur, Mohol, Ganagapur in Maharastra and in the year 1855 he came to Akkalkot. When Swamiji was in the Himalayas, a Chinese couple came to the same area searching for herbal medicines. Even though they saw Swamiji they ignored him and kept doing their activities. The Chinese couple became possessed by lust due to the natural and romantic surrounding and started indulging in sexual activities without any regard to the presence of Swamiji.

A Lesson Taught

Swamiji was angry seeing the activities of the couple and taught them a lesson. The Chinese man transformed to a woman and lady to a man. The couple was shocked and they panicked. But they realised that the transformation happened due to the displeasure of Swamiji and begged for forgiveness from Swamiji. Swamiji described to the Chinese couple about the ill effects of immodest desires and asked them to conquer these types of desires. Swamiji later blessed the couple with his kind grace and transformed both to their original forms. The Chinese couple later left happily to their country.

Swamiji once was sitting under a tree in the Himalayan region and he was absorbed in total bliss. There were some deer in the surrounding area and they were camping and playing around happily. Some hunters who were on the trot came there to kill these deers. The deers smelt the danger to their lives and took refuge near Swamiji. Swamiji fondled them and showed great love to these animals. Swamiji was always fond of animals. The hunters closed in by this time and in order to create panic in the minds of deers they started firing in the air.

The Understanding Guru

The deers did not panic because they had the full protection of Swamiji. But the hunters were angry and started abusing Swamiji. They even had the guts to fire at Swamiji. Swamiji was not bothered about what was happening and he picked up two small stones and threw at the hunters. They were terrified and stood like motionless statues. The hunters realised their mistake and apologized and prayed for Swamiji’s forgiveness. Swamiji was kind enough to pardon the hunters and advised them to be kind to animals in future. Swamiji always pardoned the ones who realised their mistakes and begged for pardon.