July 25, 2024

Pandharpur is a town which is teeming with devotees almost all through the year. Devotees walk long distances to come and see the beautiful Lord Panduranga. The Dindi Yatra, where thousands of pilgrims participate has been going on for more than seven hundred years. Without any doubt this Lord is the most sought after Lord in the whole of Maharashtra. Lord Sri Vittal has elevated the miseries of many devotees and in this Kali Yug there are many who are seeking refuge in him. The easy access to the Lord is also another reason that makes Panduranga very endearing.

What is the story of Lord Vittobha? Rukmini was feeling envious of Radharani . Rukmini thought that Krishna was being more affectionate to Radha. Upset she went away to the forests of Dandirvan which was near Pandharpur. Krishna followed and tried to placate her, but in vain. So Krishna decided to visit his devotee Bhaktha Pundalika in Pandharapura. Bhakta Pundalika was engrossed in the act of serving his parents. So he gave a brick to the Lord and asked him to be seated there till he finished his services to his parents. Krishna waited there patiently. Meanwhile Rukmini realized her mistake and came in search of Krishna.

Seeing Krishna waiting at Pundalika’s doorstep, she joined him and thus they both stayed there. The temple was renovated in 12th century and this place is getting more popular with each year. Krishna waited for Bhakta Pundalika and since then it is believed that the Lord is patiently waiting for his devotees to come to him. Krishna was pleased with his devotee’s love for parents and waited for his devotee with his hands on his hips. All the Marathi saints have been inspired by Lord Vittobha and have lived only to sing the praises of the Lord.