May 30, 2024

Lord Ganesha is the remover of obstacles. When we pray to him he ensures that our problems are removed. Lord Ganesha is one who is depicted as one who is fond of food. On September 25th 1995 he showed his love for milk. He had most of the Hindus all over the world rushing to Ganesha temples to see the Lord drink the milk offered by the devotees. All this was written off as humbug and some gave scientific explanations as well. It can be viewed in any way but the fact that Lord Ganesha made his devotees run to his temples all over the world to give him milk. That one day was completely dedicated to Ganesha from morning to night for all devout Hindus. Now isn’t this miracle enough?

There is a story of Ganesha quelling the ego of Kubera, the Lord of wealth using his favourite tool, food. Kubera was filled with pride that he had everything in the world and that anyone coming to his house would go back a happy man. To prove this he went to Kailash and invited Lord Shiva for lunch. Lord Shiva knew that Kubera was talking from his egoistic self and wanted to teach him a lesson and he knew for this Ganesha was the best person. Kubera was not very happy in taking Ganesha as he was a little child. Showing his prowess to Lord Shiva would have been more fulfilling.

Ganesha was taken To Kubera’s palace and seated in front of a table full of food. Ganesha was very happy and started to eat. In a jiffy all that was spread disappeared into Ganesha’s mouth and without blinking an eyelid he said he was still hungry. So more food was brought which also was consumed in a moment. Ganesha continued to feel hungry and asked for more. This continued till all cooked and uncooked food in the palace was eaten up. Kubera was completely taken aback and ran to Lord Shiva for help. Lord Shiva came and offered a handful of puffed rice to Ganesha. With that Ganesha said he was full. Immediately Kubera realised that Ganesha though little was powerful and had taught a big lesson of life – not to be proud.