June 16, 2024

Rhibus also called as Ribhus, is known as the Hindu Craft God. In Sanskrit, Rhibus is also called Ribhuksan, Rbhus and Arbhu. Saranyu was the mother and Lord Indra, the father of Rhibus.

The meaning of this ancient word Rhibus refers to the Sun Deity.  Gradually in Vedic literatures the meaning evolved to being a Wind deity. Later on, Vedic texts had reference of Ribhus as three male artisans having the austerities and abilities of divinities. Vibhvan (Vibhu), Vaja and Ribhu (Rhibhu) were the 3 individual names of the three divinities who were known as Ribhus or Rhibhus, collectively. Meaning of their names is ‘prudent, clever, inventive and skillful’.

Vedic literature presents Ribhus in some legends, as the 3 sons of Saranyu, the Goddess of Morning Light and Indra, the Hindu God. Rhibus are referred to as sons of Subhavan (meaning good archer) in the Atharvaveda. Rhibus are known to possess creative abilities like chariot designing, innovative and creative abilities, creating tools for Indra and other deities, channels for rivers and magic cow of plenty, thus making other deities envious.

Rhibus, in Hindu mythology are born as kind and humble in human form and later on bring in their innovation to earth. Angry with this, the gods disallow entry of the Rhibus back into heaven. After the intervention of other deities, the inventive Rhibus are granted immortality. Hindu texts during ancient times, have revered Rhibus as rays or stars of the sun or as sages. Eleven hymns are dedicated to Rhibus in the oldest Hindu scriptures of the Rigveda.